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We breathe life into ideas since 2008. Drosos Creative Agency as a valued partner is fully qualified to improve and promote the image of your company.
Our goal is to advise, suggest, plan and implement your vision.
Our philosophy is that every project completed by our office must have proper foundations and should allow the client to evolve in any chosen direction.


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Online Campaign

Through a well organized and strategical targeted web campaign we are able to multiply our clients promotional appearance, henceforth increasing his web page trafficking and the popularity of his products or services.

Coordinated promotion points all over the internet create a personal network of traffic strings that all lead visitors to our clients internet page. The more visitors an internet site has the more it is promoted by search engines.

An internet promotion campaign can include:

1 Web banner creation and placement in other internet sites with similar material, which gather visitors with potential to become your new clients. Designing power adds with interesting theme and color we create the oppurtunity for the visitor to transfer to your site with only a “click”.

2 Ad campaigns on social networks, for example Facebook. We create small add icons with slogans that are posted on a social network page with vast numbers of visitors or members. Handy targeting parameters allow us to choose your target group. Versatile advertising cost per month can assure a budget that want get out of hand and remain affordable. We can stop and re-activate the campaign at any point.

3 Google Ad words. Through our collaboration with Google we are able to improve your position in the search engine ranking. Our web developers define keywords that appeal to your business. We set the length of time the campaign is going to be online and the budget you are willing to invest. The combination of the above parameters will make your website appear in the first two ranking positions of the Google search engine depending on the competition offers. Over time and depending on the popularity of your website your website will climb the ranks of the normal search ranking.

4 Newsletter Campaigns. DCA will create a database of email addresses of internet users that have agreed to receive news from your company. At reasonable time periods we send notification emails to these users, informing them about news, offers, new products and events related to your company.

5 Listings in professional guides on the internet with a simple reference, contact information and pictures when allowed.

We use the internet to promote and advertise your company in order to expand the radious of your display in the virtual market. DCA continuously updates and consults with web specialists for any new way that can be used for internet promotion.

We only use promotion methods that have proven their value and prevent you from overspending and meaningless movements.

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