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We breathe life into ideas since 2008. Drosos Creative Agency as a valued partner is fully qualified to improve and promote the image of your company.
Our goal is to advise, suggest, plan and implement your vision.
Our philosophy is that every project completed by our office must have proper foundations and should allow the client to evolve in any chosen direction.


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DCA is able to provide you with a fully organized advertising campaign. There are three types of advertising campaigns: a) presentation, b) reminder, c) informing. We will create the campaign that suits the needs of our client. The means of realizing a campaign differ but we can and we will find a way to achieve our goal – promoting the message loud and clear – even if we have to invent something new.

  • Advertisments In magazines and newspapers
  • Posters where appropriate and when permitted
  • Creation of radio commercials and broadcasts on radio stations
  • Creation of tv commercials and broadcasts by television stations


Online Campaigns:

  • By sending emails (by the use of an organized system and only to addresses from internet users who gave consent)
  • Favorable placement in search engines such as “Google”
  • Small and cost-effective campaigns on websites and social network sites such as “Facebook”
  • Posts and mentioning in online professional guides
  • Creating and placing banner advertising on websites that can be used as means of attendance to your website

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